Alumni Letter

Greetings from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry!

We hope your career and personal lives are stimulating, productive, and healthy.

We would like to update you on recent advances in the Department.  Recent faculty changes include the retirement of Terry Nile, and the hiring of Nick Oberlies (natural products), Mitch Croatt (synthetic organic), Kim Petersen (synthetic organic), and Qibin Zhang (bioanalytical).  Recent promotions include Alice Haddy, Greg Raner, Nick Oberlies and Nadja Cech to Full Professor, and Mitch Croatt to Associate Professor.

The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory has grown substantially to include Thermo Fisher Scientific Q Exactive Plus, a Thermo Fisher Scientific LTQ Orbitrap XL, aThermo Fisher Scientific TSQ Access (Triple Quadrupole MS), a Thermo Finnigan LCQ Advantage, a Synapt G2 HDMS (q-TOF with ion mobility), and a Gas Chromatography-MS (GC-MS) with single quadrupole mass analyzer (QP2010S, Shimadzu).  Brandie Ehrmann (BS 2004, PhD 2011) contributed tremendously to the facilities growth as the original Mass Spec Lab Manager.  Recently, Daniel Todd (PhD, 2015) has taken over as Manager.  The NMR Laboratory now contains two JEOL spectrometers, a 500MHz and a 400 MHz with autosampler.

The number of bachelors level majors has grown substantially in recent years.  In Fall 2015, over 500 students were listed as chemistry or biochemistry majors.  A significant number of these students are in postbaccalaureate programs, returning to school to prepare for medical, dental, pharmacy or other professional schools.  During the period from Summer 2014 to Spring 2015, 39 students graduated with bachelors degrees, with the majority of these students being Biochemistry majors.  Undergraduate research continues to be a strong emphasis, including an outstanding summer research experience for many students in the UK, thanks to the dedicated work of Terry Nile and funding from the National Science Foundation.

The PhD program in Medicinal Biochemistry has grown to over twenty students.  The program has been successful in preparing scientists for work in industry and academia. The program is supported by dedicated work from faculty who have garnered research support from NSF and NIH to the point where the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry now had external research funding than any department in the College of Arts and Sciences.   The Masters program continues to be strong in its own right.  The publication record of the faculty is also outstanding.  Browse the faculty research websites to see some of the tremendous work being done at UNCG.

If you have not been back to campus to visit the department and see our new facilities, I encourage you to e-mail me ( or call (336-256-0459) to schedule a guided tour. We are never too busy to visit with our alums! Please come and sign the Guest Book we keep in the department to record alumni visits.

I really want to encourage all alums, from our WC alums all the way to our newest graduates to stay involved in your department. Please review the Alumni link on the home page which will lead you to Alumni News, Alumni Event Announcements and our Alumni Guestbook. Please let your classmates and professors know how you are doing by filling out the enclosed alumni news form or by sending your news to us at We would like to post this news on our Alumni website.

Best Regards,
Patricia H. Reggio, Ph.D.
Marie Foscue Rourk Professor and Head

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