As the biotechnology and life sciences industries grow, their computing needs are increasing at an equally remarkable pace. Algorithms for research and development are so compute-intensive that they often represent significant bottlenecks in the pipeline for many companies and labs. Both computer-aided molecular design and bioinformatics techniques continue to be important for fueling biotechnology advances, prompting the creation of the Biomolecular Simulation and Bioinformatics Core (BSBC) Laboratory at the the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG). The goal of the BSBC lab is to provide high-performance computing resources to the scientific community (including faculty, scientists, and BioTech/BioPharma companies) in the Piedmont Triad area.

BSBC Objectives

  1. To maintain a core lab facility for high performance computing (HPC) to serve the HPC needs of faculty and the BioTech/ Biopharmaceutical industry in the Piedmont Triad area for biotechnology based research.
  2. To provide adequate HPC support and training so that users can accomplish the goals of their research projects.
  3. To promote an adminsitrative structure that looks for ways to improve system performance and enhance access; that devises methods and procedures for handling allocation of HPC resources for meritorial research; and, that seeks ways to expand the scope and quality of available research resources.
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