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Login Basics

The login host for the BSBC is Both SSH (Secure Shell) and RSH (Remote Shell) are enabled between the master node and slave nodes; however, external shell access is limited to SSH only, requiring users to login using a SSH client.

The first time you perform a ssh logon to the BSBC cluster, a public/private key pair is generated for you to allow secure transactions on the cluster. You should see output similar to the following:


If you experience trouble logging on to the cluster, please contact the BSBC administrator at

By default users are placed into the BASH Shell when they logon to the BSBC cluster. Bash is the default shell on most Linux systems as well as on the Mac OS X.

Linux/Unix Login

From a Linux terminal prompt, type the following command to login to your BSBC account:

  • ssh
  • (where username is your account name)
  • Enter your password when prompted.

Note:    User names and passwords on the BSBC cluster are case sensitive.

Windows Login

If you are using a Microsoft Windows system, you will need to download and install a secure shell (ssh) client such as Putty. Putty is a free Telnet / SSH client for Windows and Unix and may be downloaded along with Putty documentation from Internet sources. When you launch the Putty application the following screen will appear. Enter information in the dialog box to request a SSH connection to the BSBC cluster.


You will then be prompted for your BSBC cluster account password:


 Macintosh Login

A terminal prompt is available on Macintosh operating systems, allowing Linux-style commands.

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