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Request for BSBC Time

The BSBC Steering Committee meets three times a year to consider requests for time on the BSBC cluster. The page limitation for applicants is 10 pages, including references. Applications should be typed single spaced in either Arial or Times Romans font (11 point) in Word or PDF document format.

Applications for time on the BSBC cluster should include the following:

  1. Heading
    The heading should include the following: Name(s) of Applicant(s); Institution and Department; Mailing Address; E-mail address; and, Project Title.
  2. Abstract
    The abstact should contain a synopsis of the proposed project along with total CPU hours requested to accomplish the aims of the proposed project.
  3. Specific Aims
    This section should delineate the aims of the proposed project.
  4. Research Plan
    This section should provide the steps planned to achieve each of the aims delineated in Section 3. This section should also present estimated resource needs for each proposed calculation.
  5. Methods
    This section should discuss the computational methodology to be employed for each project, as well as, the type of licensing the investigators have for this software, if the software is not currently running on the BSBC cluster.
  6. Preliminary Results or Progress Report
    For new projects, this section should provide preliminary results that support the feasibility of the proposed project aims. For renewal applications, this section should present results of the previous support period organized according to the specific aims of the previous application.
  7. Institutional Resources
    This section should provide a description of local computing resources currently available to the project.
  8. Principal Investigators
    This section should include a paragraph describing the scientific background of each investigator pertinent to the proposed project, followed by a list of PI publications that are pertinent to the proposed project.
  9. BSBC Computer Budget Request
    This section should provide a summary of CPU hour needs detailed in the Research Plan per specific aim.
  10. Literature Cited
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