MS Chemistry

Two Year Track

First Year, Fall Semester:

  • Take two 3 credit courses.
  • Take one credit of “Introduction to Graduate Research” as CHE 691.  You will meet to discuss general aspects of research and will choose a research director.  You will need to talk to at least four professors about research and make your choice of research director by the first Friday in December.
  • Take one credit of CHE 570F Special Topics: Chemical Education.
  • Attend all Friday seminars.  You will continue to attend all seminars in future semesters.

First Year, Spring Semester:

  • Take two 3 credit courses.
  • Take 2 credits of CHE 680 and start your research under the supervision of your research director (registering under his or her section).
  • Begin work on your research proposal.
  • Choose your thesis committee.  This will consist of your research director and two other professors, at least one of which should be a full professor.

First Year, Summer Semester:

  • Work full time on your research and finish writing your research proposal.  Plan to submit your research proposal to your committee by the first week of classes.

Second Year, Fall Semester:

  • Take one or two courses (core course you have not yet taken or electives).
  • Take CHE 601 which will comprise the oral defense of your thesis proposal, which will take place by the end of September.
  • Take CHE 680 and/or CHE 699 to complete a full course load of 7-8 credits.

Second Year, Spring Semester:

  • Fill out your Plan of Study and have the Director of Graduate Studies sign it.  Give a copy to your research director and keep a copy yourself.
  • If you plan to graduate in May you must register for graduation within the first week of the semester.  Turn your Study Plan in to the Graduate School at the time you apply to graduate. (However most students do not graduate until Summer.)
  • Take any core or elective course you still need to take.
  • Take CHE 602 and present a seminar on your research or prepare the seminar for Summer presentation.**
  • Take CHE 699 and/or CHE 680 to complete the 30 credits you need for your degree (perhaps save one credit of CHE 699 for summer).
  • Complete your research and begin writing your thesis early in the semester.

** Many students enroll in CHE602 with the knowledge they will postpone their talk to the summer, thereby receiving an Incomplete (I) grade for the spring  After the presentation is given in the Summer the “I” grade is changed to the appropriate letter grade.  It is set up this way to ensure students can enroll full-time in the spring; having 602 available in the spring keeps the door open for graduating that semester; and finally 602 is not typically offered as a course in the summer because of sporadic faculty schedules.

Second Year, Summer Semester:

  • Finish writing your thesis
  • Take one credit of CHE 699 or CHE 801, Thesis Extension, since you must be registered during the semester in which you graduate.
  • Your committee must have a final draft of your thesis at least 24 days before the thesis is due at the Graduate School.
  • You must turn in your final thesis to the Graduate School by the deadline – there are no exceptions.

To graduate in August, you must register for graduation within the first week of the Summer Semester.  Turn your Study Plan in to the Graduate School at the time you apply to graduate.