Student Central

This web page is for graduate students in the Ph.D. Chemistry and Biochemistry, M.S. Chemistry and M.S. Biochemistry degree programs. It provides information on the overall graduate program, academic requirements, Departmental procedures, and other miscellaneous information. In addition to the specific points concerning degree requirements contained here, you should carefully read the Graduate School Bulletin section covering regulations governing the Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. This gives more complete information concerning general academic regulations, important deadlines, applying for graduation, filing of theses, and other information.

We take pride in the fact that the Department has a size and attitude that are conducive to informal and close contacts between our faculty, staff, and students. You are always welcome to come to the Department office, Room 435, at any time to talk with the Department Head or to the office of the Director of Graduate Studies, Room 416, about any concerns you may have. We know you will find other members of the faculty equally approachable.

We hope you will have a successful and rewarding experience in your graduate work with us. We are glad you have chosen our program and look forward to your contributions to it.

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