CHE 641Bioinorganic Chemistry (Advanced Inorganic Chemistry II)

Course Description

This course will focus on “Bioinorganic Chemistry” which is an interdisciplinary field at the interface of inorganic chemistry and biology/biochemistry. This rapidly expanding field probes fascinating questions about the roles of metal ions in life processes. Non-redox metal ions serve as charge carriers and are involved in signaling and maintaining osmotic balance as well as playing crucial roles in proper protein folding and structure. In turn, redox active transition metals, such as iron and copper are important in a wide range of biological processes including electron transfer, oxygen or nitric oxide transportation, aerobic or anaerobic respiration, neurotransmitter homeostasis, etc. This course is designed to introduce students to these essential roles that inorganic elements play in maintaining the structural and functional integrity of biological structures and the catalysis of life processes.

CHE 570C – Special Topics in Chemistry: Inorganic

CHE 442Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I