NIH team meeting in Halifax

A partial meeting of the NIH R01 participants took place in Halifax this month. Sherri McFarland and her co-PI Shashi Gujar are…

Sherri and John present at BRC Cluster

Sherri and John presented at the BRC Neurodegeneration Cluster Meeting 2019: Nanoparticle Delivery Systems for Ruthenium-Based Therapeutics.

John presents at National Cancer Institute symposium

John represented the group at the 12th Annual Frontiers in Chemistry and Biology Interface Symposium in Baltimore.

Four presentations at the 19th ACS poster-vendor night at Syngenta

John, Houston, Rachel, and David presented their research to the well-attended 19th annual ACS poster-vendor exhibition at Syngenta in Greensboro, where they…

Group represented at UNCG research expo

John, Houston, Rachel, and David represented the group well at the 2019 Research Expo, explaining our work to the UNCG community.

Rachel wins a Student Excellence Award

Rachel is the recipient of a 2019 Student Excellence Award! Well done!

Grad students win research assistantships

The UNCG graduate school has awarded John and Houston 2019 summer research assistantships!

NIH R01 grant awarded!

The McFarland group has been awarded an R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health / National Cancer Institute. This funding will…

John presents at the ACS Poster Night

John Roque presented his results with photoejecting compounds at the ACS Poster Vendor Night hosted at Syngenta in Greensboro.

Lex presents at the UNCG Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Research Symposium

Lex (Katsuya Colon) presented at the UNCG Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Research Symposium, one of four students chosen to highlight their contributions…