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Tyler Greenstein

Posted on March 24, 2021


Date - March 24, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Thesis Title: Synthesis of Analogs of Polyketide Products and An Enantioenriched, Indole-Containing Compound

Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Petersen


Characterizing polyketides in a traditional manner, for example using mass spectrometry, helps to enhance the knowledge of their intricate structure. Bacillaene and Difficidin, which are polyketides from the Bacillus species, both are proposed to contain an interesting alkene moiety. Bacillaene is unstable at room temperature and readily breaks down due to its structure and Difficidin has not been further analyzed from a structural perspective. Therefore, one portion of this project aims to synthesize analogs of these polyketide synthase products, which would serve as a standard for determining the double bond characteristic of these molecules. 

Indole-containing molecules play an important role within biological systems. One of the most interesting of these molecules can be seen within ergot alkaloids. These compounds typically have hallucinogenic properties and can cause damage of the nervous system. By utilizing asymmetric techniques, the other portion of this project aims to synthesize an enantioenriched, indole-containing molecule that can mimic part of the core structure of these ergot alkaloids.