UNCG Merit Awards Program

The Marguerite Felton and Guita Marble Scholarship in ChemistryAnnual award for study in chemistry (approximately one awarded per year). [ Admitted high school students. Deadline Jan. 7th.  Apply to Financial Aid Office]

UNCG College of Arts & Sciences Scholarships

Glaxo Women in Science Scholarship. (renewable) Undergraduate female majoring in Biology, Chemistry or Physics & Astronomy and on a pre-med track. [Contact the College of Arts and Sciences. Application deadline is in early March.] http://fia.dept.uncg.edu/scholarships/arts.htm

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Henry L. Anderson Scholarship. Continuing undergraduate student. [Contact the Department of Chemistry & BioChemistry. Application deadline: March 15th.]

Jean Dreyfus Boissevain ScholarshipUndergraduate chemistry major. Scholarship is for research during the summer. [Scholarship based on occasional donations from Dreyfus. Contact the Department of Chemistry & BioChemistry.]

Sherri Forrester Award. Upper level chemistry major. [Selected by the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.]

Walter H. Puterbaugh Scholarship. Incoming first-year Chemistry major with SAT score of 1,000 or higher and a 3.5 minimum GPA. [Contact the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.]

Florence L. Schaeffer Memorial Scholarship. (Dean’s Scholars Program) Chemistry major with GPA of 3.0 or higher. [Incoming first-year students must complete a Merit Awards Program Application. Continuing students must contact the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry to renew scholarship.] http://fia.dept.uncg.edu/scholarships/arts.htm

Mary Satterfield Taylor Award. Senior Chemistry major with highest GPA. [Selected by Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry]

Nancy Romefelt Mapes Scholarship in Chemistry and Biochemistry.   Awarded to student majoring or minoring in chemistry based on financial need.  Preference given to females.  May be awarded for up to four years. [Selected by Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry]

Syngenta Research Scholarship.   Awarded to upper level chemistry or biochemistry major for summer or academic year research under direction of a faculty member. [Selected by Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry]

Email: chembio@uncg.edu

Contact the Department

PHONE: 336-334-5714
FAX: 336-334-5402

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
435 New Science Building
PO Box 26170
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro , NC 27402-6170