Keivan Ettefagh, Class of 2013

Posted on July 23, 2015

I came to UNCG to be a part of the inaugural year of the Medicinal Biochemistry doctoral program.  I felt that it being a new program I would have the opportunity to help shape it into something great. Also, the professors I interviewed with were extremely grounded and easy to talk to, which for me is very important.

What I liked best about UNCG was the collaborative research environment.  Everyone, students and faculty, work together to facilitate learning, educate the undergraduates, and accomplish major research goals.   The collaboration amongst peers and faculty was an integral part to my enjoyment of the program.

Currently, I am employed as a Research Scientist at Ameritox Corporation.  I develop new methodology to detect drugs in body fluids, primarily using HPLC paired with high resolution mass spectrometry.  I also train operators on instrumentation use and manage the reporting the clinics.   As a graduate student in the UNCG Medicinal Biochemistry Program, I was challenged to ask good scientific questions and come up with solid experimental designs.  This experience has allowed me to fit well into any research setting.  In fact, I have been asked to consult other companies in the area in how to design and use their instrumentation to accomplish their goals.  The combination of doing research, serving as an instructor to undergrads, and absorbing the knowledge of the faculty whilst in the program was the perfect storm which allowed me to achieve where I am today.   I am able to learn complex new ideas and translate them to my fellow employees to maximize my impact in my current position.

BS, Chemistry, UNC Chapel Hill
PhD, Medicinal Biochemistry, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Research Scientist, Ameritox, Greensboro, NC