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Dr. Hiyas A. Junio, Class of 2011

“The mentoring that I experienced at UNCG is the same type of mentoring that I am trying to practice with my students…”

Keivan Ettefagh, Class of 2013

“What I liked best about UNCG was the collaborative research environment…”

Tamam El Elimat, Class of 2014

“I am excited to be applying my training to conduct natural products research, and to teach and supervise undergraduate and graduate students…”

Vamsikrishna Kandhi, Class of 2012

“What I liked best about the Medicinal Biochemistry PhD program was that it provided a wide scope of research opportunities; chemists and biochemists working together under one roof…”

Karen VanderMolen, Class of 2014

“The training I received in analytical chemistry and drug discovery of natural products have really helped me in my current position…”

Dickson Wambua, Class of 2012

“After graduating, I took a position at Craft Technologies, Inc., where I built a new department in Mass Spectrometry…”

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