Inspired by molecules from plants, fungi, and bacteria, the Cech Research Group seeks to discover new treatments for infectious disease.  We develop novel mass spectrometry metabolomics approaches to understand the complex (often synergistic) interactions that occur when mixtures of molecules interact with biological systems.  This work is conducted through many collaborations and with support from the National Institutes of Health.  We believe that the most creative research is accomplished by a maximally diverse team of people.  Our group strives to create an inclusive environment where our members feel inspired and supported to create and innovate together. 

‘YES, AND CAFE’ PODCAST – Dr. Nadja Cech and Dr. Omar Ali speak with a diverse lineup of guests to dig into how the themes of play, openness, and working across boundaries and identities enhance their work, their research, and their lives. ‘Yes, and’ is the powerful, intentional, and creative practice of building with other people. The name comes from improvisational theater. So, what is it? One: paying attention. Two: affirming. And three: building on what others give you. That’s it! Yes, and. Listen here. 

TEDxGreensboro’s KEEP IT SIMPLE event explored the principle of simplicity in the context of our complex world, clarifying the complicated to find out if and when the simplest solutions are the best ones.