Analysis of Disease Biomarkers  

The identification or detection of specific disease biomarkers are required in the prevention, diagnosis, and therapeutic treatment of diseases. However, the analysis of specific disease biomarkers are often restrained by the limited amount of samples that can be collected from an individual patient. This is further complicated by the complex contents in the sample of interest and/or the small amount of targeted biomarkers in each sample. To improve our ability on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of specific disease biomarkers, the Chiu group has explored the use of different approaches and analytical techniques. By collaborating with the Tannous group at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Chiu group has initiated an effort to search for new RNA biomarkers for brain cancer and its related diseases by using high resolution mass spectrometry and ion mobility spectrometry. 


The Chiu group is interested in high throughput mass spectrometric screening for the cytotoxicity of nanomaterials. Through a collaboration with the Jia group at UNCG, the Chiu lab has participated in a study to explore new applications of carbon-based nanomaterials in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, which includes the investigation of biosafety and biodistribution of the nanomaterials.