Enhancing Carbon Dioxide Aqueous Electrolysis

Tuning and Optimization of Electrocatalysts and Electrolyte Composition

Conversion of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) to value-added products is an important challenge for sustainable energy research. The use of coordination and organometallic complexes as precursors for the synthesis of multimetallic/metal oxide nanoparticles is a promising approach that can be used to obtain a broad class of heterogeneous catalysts for such transformations. The multifunctional catalytic sites available at the interface of these multimetallic electrocatalysts can promote the stability of key intermediates through synergistic interactions between two metals, thus facilitating CO2 reduction. Additionally, an often overlooked aspect of electrocatalytic CO2 reduction is the electrolyte. Thus, we investigate the potential role of unconventional electrolytes in electrochemical reduction of CO2.