Research in the Popova Group focuses on exploring and comprehensively characterizing the network of complex relationships among factors that drive instruction and student outcomes in organic chemistry learning environments. Research projects in the group contextualize these relationships in respect to examining the interplay between faculty teaching and student outcomes related to the development of student representational competence skills, problem-solving skills, and conceptual understanding. See ‘Research’ page for the description of concrete projects.

Our Culture and Values

We are a collaborative, inclusive, supportive, and culturally diverse research group. We care about the mental and physical well-being of everyone in the group. We strive to create a positive and welcoming environment that encourages open communication, creative problem solving, and critical thinking. We collaborate within and outside the group to support each other, to learn from each other, and to address major research challenges in chemistry education.

We believe that our collective strength comes from the broad range of skills, talents, and perspectives of our diverse backgrounds and aspirations. For this reason, one important aspect of how we conduct research is that we work in small teams of 3 – 4 people on each project. Each project team includes researchers with varying levels of expertise (postdocs and graduate students collaborating with post-bacc students and undergraduate students). This allows us to brainstorm with each other, share ideas, challenge each other’s ideas, and collaboratively conduct analyses to ensure rigor. This also allows us to build relationships, support each other through the various research challenges, and celebrate together our accomplishments and achievements! Another positive aspect of our research teams is that it fosters multiple mentoring relationships within the group and allows everyone to learn a lot from each other.

We are looking for team members with enthusiasm for investigating evidence-based practices of teaching and learning of chemistry! See ‘Join Us’ page for more information.