Research in the Popova Group focuses on the development of chemistry students’ representational competence, as learning and communicating with representations is an essential component of modern chemistry instruction. Our research will provide critical insights to support students in their learning and faculty in their teaching of chemistry.

The main objectives of our research program are:

  • To investigate chemistry students’ understandings of domain-specific representations.
  • To characterize chemistry students’ problem solving of tasks demanding spatial reasoning skills and representational competence skills.
  • To explore chemistry instructors’ beliefs and practices toward developing representational competence in their courses.
  • To evaluate the impact of instructors’ teaching on their students’ ability to reason with representations.
  • To design evidence-based instructional materials to enhance students’ representational competence.

We are looking for team members (undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars) with enthusiasm for investigating the best practices of teaching and learning of chemistry! See “Join Us” page for more information.