Message from the Associate Department Head

Chemistry and biochemistry are exciting areas that deal with the advancement of knowledge in areas critical to the future of our society- our health, our comfort, and our prosperity. A well-educated population with a solid foundation in science and math will provide the core of people who will solve the problems associated with an expanding population and in increasingly technical environment. Chemistry and biochemistry are core subject areas at the basis of advancements in the understanding of living systems and modern materials that make up our surroundings.

An undergraduate degree in chemistry or biochemistry is very good preparation for careers in a number of areas. Certainly, it provides a strong technical foundation that can provide a basis for advanced study in chemistry or medical areas or for a career in a research lab, an industrial production facility, or a testing or quality assurance lab. The program also provides an educational experience that prepares students for a variety of careers that require clear thinking, problem solving, organization of data, and other qualities that are part of an education in science.

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers programs leading to either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degrees at the undergraduate level and the Master of Science or Ph.D. degrees at the graduate level. The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is included on the list of schools which have been accredited by the American Chemical Society. Students who follow the program leading to the B.S. in Chemistry degree are certified to the Society upon graduation as having met its rigorous requirements for undergraduate professional training in chemistry.

Excellent teaching at the undergraduate level is valued by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Several faculty have earned College, University, or system-wide awards for excellence in teaching.

Undergraduate research is another aspect of the program that is promoted by the department. Students receive outstanding experience by participating in research projects directed by the faculty. Students often attend regional or national professional meetings and present their research results. Research participation can be in the form of independent study course work, or through financial support from faculty research grants.

Jerry Walsh