Hypothemycin Paper Published!

Congrats to the teams from my group, Oberlies Group, Burdette Group, and Mycosynthetix for their great paper on hypothecin analogues!

Allenamide Paper and Isocarbacyclin Review Published!

Congrats to Fahim, Tian, and Dempsey (former postdoc now faculty at Adelphi) for their recent paper on hydroalkoxlations of allenamides! Also, congrats…

Isomaleimide Paper is Online!

Congrats to Dr. Khyarul “Fahim” Alam and Elvis McFee for their recent paper in Synthesis!

Congrats to Philip West!

Congrats to Philip West who received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! He will be starting his PhD studies this Fall at MIT!

Amide Dehydration Review Online

Congrats to Mohammed for having his mini-review on metal-catalyzed methods to dehydrate primary amides published in the Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry. …

Amide Dehydration Paper Hits 4,000 Views!

We are happy to see that our Pd-catalyzed dehydration of primary amides to make nitriles has been well-received!  We now have over…

Croatt Research Group Featured in UNCG Research Magazine!

There is a great article in the Spring 2019 UNCG Research Magazine about the research in the Croatt Group!  The end of…

Isocarbacyclin Analogue Paper Online!

Congrats to Ghina’a (Dr. Abu Deiab) on her recent paper in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry!

Decarboxylation Paper is Online!

Congrats to Mohammed, Mark, and Matthew for having their study of protodecarboxylation of polyenoic acids appearing in Organic Letters!  In addition to…

Collaborative work with ECU researchers just published!

We are happy to have a collaborative publication with Drs. Sargent and Morehead published in Organometallics!  Congrats to Kate McPherson for some…