Our Team

Dr. Mitchell P. Croatt

Department Head, Associate Professor

Phone: 336.334.3785
Fax: 336.334.5402
Room: 406 Sullivan Science Bldg.
Email: mpcroatt@uncg.edu

Mitch was born in 1980 in the town of New Prague, Minnesota. He went to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 1998 and earned his B.S. in Chemistry after doing research in the research group of Professor George A. O’Doherty. In 2002, Mitch then went to Stanford University to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry in the group of Professor Paul A. Wender. He focused his graduate research on the design and development of new transition metal-catalyzed reactions and successfully defended his thesis in 2007. Mitch then went overseas to Zurich, Switzerland to study in the group of Professor Erick M. Carreira at ETH-Zurich. There he made semi-synthetic analogs of Amphotericin B to help study its mechanism of action. In 2010, Mitch started his independent academic career at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, was promoted to Associate Professor in 2015, and became Department Head in 2017.

Current Members

Hajar Tadili


Hajar is getting her B.S. in Biochemistry and is also a Pre-Medicine major.  She unofficially joined the group in the Fall of 2017, and started running reactions in the Spring of 2018.

Abraham Ustoyev

Ph.D. Student

Abe received his B.S. in Biochemistry from Adelphi University in 2017 and came to UNCG based on the sage wisdom from Dr. I. F. Dempsey Hyatt (Croatt Group alumnus).

Michael Spano


Michael obtained his B.S. in Chemistry in 2017 from ???.  During his undergraduate studies he did one year at UNCG where he worked in the Croatt Group.  He has been working full time in the Croatt group since August 2017.

Jamison Breeding


Jamison is an undergraduate student working towards a B.S. in Chemistry with a concentration in research. He joined the group his Freshman year and later plans to pursue a Ph.D in chemistry.

Oluwatobiloba (Tobi) Jimoh


Tobi a Pre-Med Biochemistry major who is very interested in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry.  She wants to pursue a career in Medicine.

Saad Sohail


Saad is a Chemistry major and joined the Croatt Group in the Summer of 2017.

Mark Perez


Mark is a Biochemistry and Pre-Med undergraduate student. He is interested in either pursuing a M.D. or a Ph.D. in the field of chemistry. He is a Senior Resident Advisor and was also a chemistry tutor at UNCG.

Kevin Doheny


Kevin is a Chemistry major with a Concentration in Research and a Minor in Computer Science. He is interested in making his way in all forms of Chemistry and later pursuing an M.S. or Ph.D in the field of Chemistry. He joined the Croatt group in the Spring of 2017.

Brandon King


Brandon is a Biology major with an interest in Medicinal Chemistry.  He is a Pre-Med student and has a growing interest in Graduate School.  He is also a Student Athlete, running Cross Country and Track for the Spartans.

Jarrod Stanley


Jarrod is an undergraduate student majoring in Chemistry. He has extensive interest in drug development and intellectual patent law. He finds organo-metallic chemistry to be the best and joined the Croatt group Summer of 2016.

James Carson


James joined the Croatt Group Summer of 2016.

Matthew Garr


Matthew is a Pre-Med Biology major, a sprinter for UNCG (pictured), and a member of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.  He joined the Croatt Group in Fall of 2016.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Huniti

Research Scientist

Mohammed earned his BS and MS in Chemistry from Jordan University, then earned his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Florida Atlantic University in 2014, and joined the Croatt Group in 2015.



  • Kristen Gettys - Terminal Masters Degree in 2013-Pursuing her PhD in Chemistry at Purdue University
  • Lorraine Norris - Terminal Masters Degree in 2013 and is teaching at UNCG, GTCC, and Forsyth Tech
  • Sommayah Sayed - Terminal Masters Degree in 2016 - Applying to Dental School


  • Manahil Abdalhameed - PhD in 2015 - Pursuing a postdoc
  • Lara Fakhouri - PhD in 2015 - Academic Position in Jordan
  • Hanan Althagafy - PhD Degree in 2013 - Academic Position in Saudia Arabia
  • Ghina’a Abu Deiab - PhD in 2017 - Academic Position in Jordan


  • Crystal Odom - Preparing to apply to Dental Schools.
  • Adam Nehls - Attending Graduate School at Marshall University.  
  • Bashir Deeb - Pursuing his Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from NC A&T State University
  • Christine Joliat - Pursuing her MD at Ross University School of Medicine
  • Paige Daniel - Pursuing her PhD in Chemistry at Duke University
  • Emma Nagy - Pursuing her PhD in Biology at Harvard University
  • Silas Cardwell - Pursing his MD at the University of Michigan
  • Philip Ramirez - Pursuing his MD at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Vasili Katsadouros - Attending Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Zach Sullivan - Pursuing his MD at Duke University


  • Ivan Fabe Dempsey Hyatt - Assistant Professor at Adelphi University
  • Maria Elena Meza Avina - Currently helping at her daughter's school in Greensboro


  • Juan Polanco Francisco - 2016 Graduate - Applying for positions
  • Bobbi Love -   Finishing her undergraduate degree
  • Katsuya Colon - Finishing his undergraduate degree
  • Rupa Vummalaneni - Finishing her undergraduate degree
  • Michael Brandon Schroder Spano - Returned to Brazil to finish his undergrad degree
  • Buthainah Al Rifaie - 2015 Graduate - Research position at Pharmacore, currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Utah
  • Laura Johnson - 2015 Graduate - Pursuing her PhD in Biochemistry at Rutgers
  • Michael Maxwell - 2015 Graduate - Pursuing his PhD in Chemistry at Florida State
  • Kristen Gettys - 2011 Graduate-UNCG Graduate School
  • Shawn Yeazell - 2011 Graduate Cum laude-UNC Chapel Hill Medical School
  • Thomas Dietz - 2011 Graduate-Pharmacy School at UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
  • Cylivia Lee - 2012 Graduate-Currently working at Greer Labs in Lenoir
  • Mudita Patel - 2012 Graduate-Pursuing her Medical Degree at West Virginia School of Medicine
  • Stephen Frempong - 2012 Graduate-Pursuing his Medical Degree at the University of Virginia
  • Dipti Paudel - 2013 Graduate-Pursuing her PhD in Biochemistry at NC State
  • Daniel Nasrallah - 2015 Graduate - Pursing his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Michigan
  • Sommayah Sayed - 2014 Graduate-Pursuing her MS in Chemistry
  • Luke Olsen - 2017 Graduate - Working
  • Zachary Adkins - Finishing his undergraduate degree
  • Peter Matusik - Finishing his undergraduate degree
  • Angela Hairston - Finishing her undergraduate degree
  • Matt Philips - 2016 Graduate - Applying to graduate programs
  • Christopher Cook - 2016 Graduate - Pursuing his PhD at Baylor University
  • Patricia Pittman - 2016 Graduate - Applying to Professional Schools