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Miles W. Johnson, Ph.D.

Posted on April 12, 2019


Date - April 12, 2019
1:00 pm


Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Richmond
Talk Title: Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies of Aminophosphine Ligands for Transition Metal-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling


The rational design and synthesis of ligands is essential for harnessing the reactivity of transition metals in new catalytic transformations. Aminophosphines are a group of ligands ideally suited for structure-reactivity studies due to their modular synthesis and low cost from readily available materials. The Johnson lab is focused on developing the chemistry of two distinct classes of aminophosphine ligands: (1) proazaphosphatranes, a frequently used ligand whose coordination chemistry has not been well-studied and (2) new bis(phosphino) pyrrole ligands developed in our laboratory. By using techniques and ideas at the interface of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry, we have identified the salient features of these ligands in cross-coupling reactions that are essential for the pharmaceutical industry.