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Tennille D. Presley, Ph.D.

Posted on February 19, 2021


Date - February 19, 2021
12:00 am


Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Chemistry & Physics
Winston Salem State University
Talk Title: NO Boundaries…Utilizing Thermodynamic and Acoustic Approaches to Establish the Correct Circuitry


Minimizing chaos and maintaining homeostasis in the body is a common aspect that many scientists focus to improve. Whether it is exploring how and why countless movements occur, understanding the various ways in which charges interact, or even interpreting a physiologic response to a stimulus, optimizing methods to explain the precise operational pathways of the “how” and “why” is key. In this two-part talk, I will begin by addressing how thermodynamics can be valuable to health. Brief exposures to heat can provide benefits including thermotolerance, regulating the availability of nitric oxide (NO) and the expression of prominent proteins. NO is a molecule that is naturally produced in the body, and is noted for its impact on improved vasodilation and regulating organ functions. In certain diseased states, NO expression is altered; however, thermodynamics can reverse these effects. Secondly, I will discuss the science of music and its biophysical influence on the body. Music is a “universal language” that transcends across many cultures, races and disciplines. Musical influence on mental and physical states has been studied for numerous decades; however, the biophysical role of music can be further explored. Together, I will demonstrate how we have shown that thermodynamic and acoustic effects can be beneficial in regulating the correct circuitry in the body.