Flow Chemistry

Arduino Code Options

Install Arduino Program

Connect to Arduino Uno

  • Open Arduino IDE from program file

  • Connect Arduino to computer through Arduino Compatible USB connection

Download & Upload Code

  • Download this Word File that has the text for the SESC_13 code.
  • Copy the text and paste it into the Arduino code window.
  • Download AccelStepper file from https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software
  • Transfer the AccelStepper folder to libraries (Arduino OS > Program Files (x86) > Arduino > Libraries)

  • Specify the Arduino unit that will perform operations; default operation set to Arduino Uno

  • Specify the port that the Arduino unit will use during operations; Arduino must be connected

  • Create folder to contain code file; save the code to folder and open SESC_13 file through the Arduino IDE (Arduino OS > Program Files (x86) > Arduino > Code > SESC_13)

  • Verify and Upload SESC_13 code to the Arduino

  • Open Serial Monitor to begin code operation (Tools, then select Serial Monitor; or use control+shift+M)

  • Select “Both NL & CR” at the bottom right part of the serial monitor

Using SESC_13 Code (make sure that entire system is plugged in and connected)

  • Note:  This code includes the capability of a flush pump.  The instructions for use of the flush pump will be added soon.
  • Download Excel file from here
  • Open Excel sheet and enter specified parameters for each pump for Pump 1-5

  • Conditions for the operation of all pumps in a particular scheme will be specified by the cell with multiple numbers and commas

  • Copy and paste this cell to the serial monitor

  • Press ENTER in serial monitor; a return dialogue indicates the information was received and pump operation should initiate

  • To stop pumps, press ENTER in serial monitor