Natural Products and Pharmacognosy

Our natural products research groups are engaged in the development of new treatments for disease based on compounds from nature. We seek to identify natural product lead compounds for drug development, as well as to understand the mechanism of action of traditional botanical medicines. We employ cutting edge technology to achieve this goal, and have unique expertise in the application of mass spectrometry to study synergistic interactions in complex natural product mixtures, and the use of surface techniques for in-situ analysis of intact biological organisms. Students in our program have the opportunity to gain hands-on training in our exceptional mass spectrometry and NMR facilities. Research in this area is supported by our Medicinal Chemistry Collaborative, which leverages connections with natural product researchers across the UNCG campus and outside the University.


Nadja Cech

Analytical Chemistry

408 Sullivan Science Building
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Mitchell Croatt

Associate Professor and Department Head
Organic Chemistry

435C Sullivan Science Building
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Kimberly Petersen

Associate Professor
Organic Chemistry, Asymmetric Methodology Development

411 Sullivan Science Building
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